Sixteenth Tabernacle Beth El, Alexandria

Sixteenth Tabernacle Beth El, Alexandria

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Evangelist-At-Large James A. Parker, Local Pastor
634 N. Patrick Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
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About the Pastor

Evangelist at Large James A. Parker

Evangelist at Large James Parker was born in Parsonsburg, MD and reared in the Church of God and Saints of Christ.  In 1991, he graduated from the Church’s Ministerial Training Program, and was ordained to the ministry as an Elder in April, 1991. After his ordination, he was an associate minister at Sixteenth Tabernacle in Alexandria, Virginia.  In 1992, he was appointed as the Assistant Local Pastor of Sixteenth Tabernacle, and assumed the role of Local Pastor in March 1993, a position that he currently holds.

In November 2000, he was elevated to the rank of Evangelist, and assigned the Northeast District.  In this position, he was responsible for the spiritual growth of the congregation, including membership and training for eight tabernacles.  One month later, he was elevated to his current position of Evangelist at Large, where he is responsible for the spiritual work of the over 6,000 member international congregation located in the United States, Jamaica, Central Africa and South Africa.  Evangelist at Large Parker has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad to achieve the membership, growth, training and succession planning goals of the Church.

In addition to his spiritual work, Evangelist at Large Parker has held a number of administrative positions.  From 1993-1995, he was the President of the Howard Z. Ministers’ Conference, and from 1994-1995 he was a Trustee of the Belleville Widows and Orphan’s Home, Incorporated.  As a Trustee, he joined a group of 25 members who were responsible for the development of over 400 acres of land through this not for profit corporation. In 1995, he was appointed a member of the Board of Presbytery, the Church’s lawmaking and highest administrative board.  Since 2002, he has been the Chairman of that board.